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Anonymous asked: Hi. I'm 16. When I was a kid, I was a member of our school's dance group but when my siblings and I transferred to another school, I kinda stopped dancing. It is already 5 years since the last time that I really danced. I became fatter than before. But I really love dance. I really want to go back to dancing but I feel like with my body now, I can't move gracefully and I think that I would be judged if I dance coz I'm fat. Any advice?

Body image shouldn’t mean anything. You can go extremely far with any look, I hope you dance! I can tell you love it, and if you really do than you should continue. Let your passion do the speaking! I know it might be scary at first but I believe in you!!

Anonymous asked: Hi! What do you think of streetdance? :)

Street Dance is great, it’s a cool different way to express yourself. I really have respect for street dancers mostly because they continue on their passion for themselves. :)

Anonymous asked: Hi. I'm 17 y.o and I love dance. I don't have any formal class on any kind of dance but I'd like to dance. Do you think it's too late to start dancing for me? (I'm planning on taking a hip hop class the next summer.) :)

Hi, apologies for the late reply. If you happen to see this I really hope you take lessons. If you’re doing something you love than it’s never too late!!

Ode to the dancing spirits


 I couldn’t resist writing a bit here. Dancer since 4 - ballet, modern dance, belly dancer. At The Washington School of Ballet Mary Day told me on the last rehearsal day for year end show” Barbara, you might as well stop dancing - you will never make it” in front of everyone. She also told Shirley Mclaine to quit too. Many of my college dance friends and beyond stopped performing a while ago. I plan to dance forever  

Summer Session June 17 - Aug 10. Theatrical Belly Dance techniques, choreography,music, props. July 20 Summer Show

Theatrical Belly Dance RI is fusion of dance forms ( ballet, modern dance), theatricality. Breath, gestures, timing, partnering, space, fan/skirt , kinisphere ,flamenco ,arabic , turkish fire, dance design .Belly Dance is for every style, level, age.ODE …Dancers are chalices for sacred

Anonymous asked: hello, i am very confused on what people mean when they say to keep you rib cage close and to use your center can you please explain it to me?thank you:)

Hi, I personally have the same issue. My teacher is always nagging me to close my rib cage. Basically what that means is engaging your stomach muscles, pulling up through your core and back. If you want an easy way to close your ribs- try exhaling all of your air feel in between your ribs and there won’t be a gap. Now hold your ribs and stomach their with muscles, DON’T FORGET TO BREATHE! I hope this helped :)

Anonymous asked: hi I'm 16, I started dancing about 2-3 years ago but it was school class so I didn't do much of a thing, I basically started around August with jazz and hip hop, I really like both but since I'm starting it's really frustrating because I can't learn all the moves as quickly, some girls have many years dancing and have many experience I feel really sad and desperate I love dance and I'm really trying but I just feel like it's impossible.. any advice?

Hi, sorry we haven’t checked our account in a while! Yes, my advice to you is to not give up on yourself. Please keep working hard, if it’s something you love to do keep working hard and it will come. You can never apply too much effort! Good luck <3


Le Vent (Marina Kanno from Staatsballett Berlin)


Jermel Johnson and his legs of unfairness, photo by Alexander Iziliaev

“Legs of unfairness”